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Department of Astrophysics

Astrophysics and Computational Science courses, current semester


Module Acronym Category Faculty ECTS
AST 001 Research Seminar Theoretical Astrophysics 07SMAST001 Seminar MNF 0
AST 006 Students Seminar 07SMAST006 Seminar MNF 0
AST 007 Current research in galaxy evolution 07SMAST007 Seminar MNF 0
AST 201 Introduction to Astrobiology 07SMAST201 Course, Exercise Group MNF 5
AST 210 Astronomy Field Trips 07SMAST210 Field Trip MNF 3
AST 231 Astronomy practicum: I 07SMAST231 Practical Training MNF 2
AST 231 Astronomy practicum: II 07SMAST232 Practical Training MNF 6
AST 233 The Sun and its surface activity (astronomy practicum) 07SMAST233 Practical Training MNF 3
AST 241 Introduction to Astrophysics 07SMAST241 Course, Exercise Group MNF 5
AST 243 Computational Astrophysics Project 07SMAST243 Practical Training MNF 5
AST 245 Computational Astrophysics 07SMAST245 Course MNF 6
AST 246 Computational Astrophysics (LAB & LECTURE) 07SMAST246 Course, Practical Training MNF 10
AST 291 Proseminar Astrophysics 07SMAST291 Seminar MNF 2
AST 293 Proseminar Cosmology 07SMAST293 Proseminar MNF 2
AST 295 Astrobiology Proseminar 07SMAST295 Seminar MNF 2
AST 511 General Relativity 07SMAST511 Course, Exercise Group MNF 10
AST 512 Theoretical Astrophysics 07SMAST512 Course, Exercise Group MNF 10
AST 514 Planet Formation 07SMAST514 Course, Exercise Group MNF 10
AST 548 Master Thesis Astrophysics 07SMAST548 Student Work MNF 50
AST 800 Astrophysical thinking HS 07SMAST800 Seminar MNF 2
AST 801 Astrophysical thinking FS 07SMAST801 Seminar MNF 2
AST 802 Advanced Topics of Theoretical Cosmology 07SMAST802 Course MNF 4
ESC 001 Research Seminar Computational Science 07SMESC001 Seminar MNF 0
ESC 201 Introduction to Computer Simulations I 07SMESC201 Course, Practical Training MNF 5
ESC 401 High Performance Computing 07SMESC401 Course, Exercise Group MNF 6
ESC 411 Individual seminar work in computational science 07SMESC411 Seminar MNF 5
ESC 413 Computational Thinking I 07SMESC413 Seminar MNF 2
ESC 414 Practicum in advanced simulation science 07SMESC414 Practical Training MNF 10
ESC 802 Academia Industry Modeling week 07SMESC802 Course MNF 2
PHY 002 The Zurich Physics Colloquium 07SMPHY002 Colloquium MNF 0
PHY 012 Seminar for Bachelor and Master thesis 07SMPHY012 Seminar MNF 0
PHY 399 Bachelor's Thesis 07SMPHY399 Student Work MNF 12
PHY 582 Advanced Quantum Algorithms 07SMPHY582 Lecture with Practical Exercises MNF 6


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