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Department of Astrophysics

5th gevolution users & developers meeting

The gevolution users & developers meetings aim to connect the community of users and developers of the code to discuss their experiences and projects, and to provide feedback on code development. The 5th meeting in this series takes place on 13. and 14. June 2024. This time we will organise the meeting as a retreat in the beautiful Swiss mountains.

As always, participants are encouraged to give short informal presentations (20min) that should convey:
* their science goal and their rationale for using gevolution
* the tasks that have to be accomplished to reach their goal
* any obstacles or limitations that prevent them from making progress
* any results they want to show

Each presentation could be followed by a short (10min) discussion. Focus is geared towards work in progress rather than already published work.

Note that the number of participants is limited to approx. 15 people. The programme will be finalised once we know the list of participants.

Registration for this meeting is free of charge, and limited funding is available to support attendees that are on a tight budget (allocation will be decided according to individual needs). Train journeys from anywhere in Europe can be supported, and reducing the carbon footprint is a valid reason for requesting financial support in this case. The meals and accommodation at the venue will be fully covered for the accepted meeting participants. We provide single rooms for the participants, but double rooms can be arranged on request. Accompanying persons will have to pay for their own meals and accommodation.

Important information about the format

The meeting will take place at "Berggasthaus Forelle" at the "Seealpsee" mountain lake in the "Alpstein" mountain range (link to the website, in German: In the morning of 13. June there will be an organised train trip from Zurich main station to Wasserauen, departing around 9am. The venue can only be reached on foot from Wasserauen train station, which is about 3km away. The group will walk along a trail of modest difficulty (the route "über Hütten" as described on the venue's webpage - in German). The easy hike will take no more than 1.5 hours and will start with an ascent of 350 metres. A map is shown below.

As participants will only spend one night at the venue, we recommend that you bring a light backpack and leave any heavy luggage in Zurich (safe storage can be provided). Participants must be able to carry their retreat luggage around easily. The weather in the mountains can be unpredictable, so please wear sturdy shoes and think about appropriate clothing for varying weather conditions (windy, rain, UV protection etc.). If it rains heavily the walk will still be necessary, but we may take the less scenic route along the access road. Of course, we hope that the weather will be fantastic!

The workshop itself will take place in the afternoon of 13. June and in the following morning. Weather permitting, the afternoon of 14. June may offer another opportunity for a social hike. We will take the train back to Zurich sometime later in the day.

This programme means that most participants will need accommodation in Zurich for the two nights before and after the meeting. We are happy to help with the bookings and can offer financial support in case of need. Participants not travelling via Zurich can make their own travel arrangements, but should inform the organisers so that they can coordinate with the hike.

Packing list (suggestion):
* one complete set of clothes, protected from rain
* only a minimum of electronic devices - if you bring a laptop, make sure to pack it waterproof against rain
* phone charger with Swiss adapter
* swimwear for a dip in the lake
* sunglasses, UV protection
* wind- and rainproof jacket
* trekking shoes or hiking boots

Preliminary schedule

June 13th
9:00 - group meets up in Zurich HB to travel to Wasserauen 
11:15 - hike to the venue 
12:30 - arrival at the venue, lunch break
14:00 - workshop starts 
17:00 - Apéro 
20:00 - dinner 

June 14th
9:00 - workshop continues
12:30 - lunch 
rest of the day - opportunity for hike in the area, trip back to Zurich