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Department of Astrophysics

Large Scale Simulations

Currently the main focus of our research is astrophysics and cosmology , but we also broaden our scope with molecular dynamics and await new groups from different branches of information science to become affiliated. We develop and maintain a variety of state of the art parallel astrophysics simulation codes, visualisation tools and analysis software. We are involved in simulating problems that range from nanoscale fluid dynamics, through the assembly of planetesimals in the early solar system and the evolution of the Universe on the largest scales.

In astrophysics, perhaps even more so than in other scientific disciplines, there is an intimate interdependency between theoretical research, which is overwhelmingly reliant on simulations and modelling, and the exploitation of data from large observational facilities. In Zurich we fill this important methodological gap using simulations and modelling which, due to the intrinsic complexity of astrophysical phenomena, requires the most advanced computational infrastructure, such as one of the most powerful supercomputers in Europe , as well as other supercomputers provided by CSCS , the Swiss National Supercomputing Centre.
But we also design and maintain high end supercomputing facilities, such as the ZBOX and GPU clusters.

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