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Joachim Stadel (photo 2011)

Prof. Dr. Joachim Stadel

Institute for Computational Science, University of Zurich, Switzerland

Research Interests

  • dark matter structure formation in the Universe
  • rocky planet formation via collisional growth and gas accretion
  • hydrodynamical galaxy and planet formation simulations
  • long term stability of planetary systems

Simulation Software and Data

  • parallel N-body tree-codes pkdgrav (with Tom Quinn) and pkdgrav2 (with Doug Potter)
  • SPH-code GASOLINE (built on pkdgrav, with James Wadsley)
  • TreeSyMBA (with Ryuji Morishima) and GENGA (with Simon Grimm): rocky planet formation
  • analysis tools for N-body simulations

High Performance Computing

  • new algorithms for load balancing problems on large parallel computing systems
  • zBoxes: our “in-house” parallel computers
  • using GPUs for large and small N-body simulations
  • running simulations on some of the largest computers in the world
  • Some howto info on various HPC resources around UZH.


  • undergraduate course (SPIN) on using computer simulations in the natural sciences
  • occasional lecturer on mechanics and other astrophysical and computing topics


  • cardio-sports fan and occasional competitor
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