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Department of Astrophysics

Gravitational Waves, Black Holes, and Compact Binaries

This new seminar series hosts talks by researchers at any level, from local graduate students to distinguished visiting senior colleagues. For questions, suggestions, or access to a live stream of the seminar, please contact mudit.garg(at)

Spring Semester 2024 - Upcoming Talks

Speaker & affiliation Seminar title + abstract Date, time & place

Valerie Domcke

Department of theoretical physics


Gravitational waves as a probe of the early Universe

Domcke_abstract (TXT, 497 bytes)

Tuesday, 12.03.24, 11:15

ETH Hönggerberg, HPV G5

Philippa Cole

Department of Physics "Giuseppe Occhialini"

University of Milano-Bicocca

Searching for dark matter with gravitational waves

Cole_Abstract (TXT, 1 KB)

Tuesday, 26.03.24, 14:00

Irchel, Y10 G03/04

Shubhanshu Tiwari


University of Zurich

On the memory of compact binary coalescences and their observation consequences 

Tiwari_Abstract (TXT, 1 KB)

Tuesday, 14.05.24, 14:30

Irchel, Y22 G74

Johan Samsing

Niels Bohr International Academy


Probing the Origin of Black Hole Binary Mergers with Gravitational Wave Phase Shifts

Samsing_Abstract (TXT, 777 bytes)

Tuesday, 28.05.24, 14:30

Irchel, Y03 G85

Tommaso Zana

University of Rome-La Sapienza

Super-critical accretion of seed black holes in gaseous protogalactic nuclei: the hindering role of star formation

Zana_Abstract (TXT, 1 KB)

Wednesday, 19.06.24, 10:00

Irchel, Y11 F42


Fall Semester 2023

Speaker & affiliation Seminar title + abstract Date, time & place

Zoltán Haiman

Astronomy & Astrophysics Department

Columbia University

Gravitational wave and electromagnetic signatures of binary black holes with circumbinary gas

Haiman_Abstract (TXT, 1019 bytes)

Wednesday, 27.09.23, 11:00

Irchel, Y10-G-03/04

Cecilio García Quirós


University of Zurich

Waveform modelling of binary black holes in the Advanced LIGO era

Cecilio_Abstract (TXT, 714 bytes)

Tuesday, 14.11.23, 15:00

Irchel, Y10-G-03/04

Lucile Cangemi

Department of Physics and Astronomy

Uppsala University

Higher-Spin Scattering Amplitudes and Kerr Black Holes

Cangemi_abstract (TXT, 649 bytes)

Tuesday, 19.12.23, 15:00

Irchel, Y10-G-03/04


Previous Seminars

Spring Semester 2023

Speaker & affiliation Seminar title + abstract Date, time & place

Barak Rom 

Racah Institute of Physics,

Hebrew University of Jerusalem

EMRIs characteristics as LISA sources

Rom_Abstract (TXT, 791 bytes)

Tuesday, 07.02.23, 14:00

Irchel Y11-F-42

Alejandro Torres Orjuela

TianQin Center for

Gravitational Physics,

Sun Yat-Sen University

Moving gravitational wave sources at cosmological distances: Impact on the measurement of the Hubble constant 

TorresOrjuela_Abstract (TXT, 1 KB)


Tuesday, 21.03.23, 15:00

Irchel Y36-K-08

Yan-Fei Jiang

Center for Computational

Astrophysics, Flatiron


Effects of radiation and magnetic pressure on accretion disks around single and binary supermassive black holes

Jiang_Abstract (TXT, 958 bytes)

Tuesday, 28.03.23, 15:00

Irchel Y36-K-08

Valeriya Korol 

Max Planck Institute for

Astrophysics, Garching

Galactic Explorations with LISA

Korol_abstract (TXT, 581 bytes)

Tuesday, 16.05.23, 15:00

Irchel Y36-K-08

Fall 2022:

Katie Breivik 

Center for Computational

Astrophysics, Flatiron


Binary black hole formation: a multi-messenger, multi-band puzzle

Breivik Abstract (TXT, 1 KB)

Tuesday, 06.12.22, 15:00

Irchel Y36-K-08

Laura Sberna 

Max Planck Institute for

Gravitational Physics,


Dirty Gravitational Waves

Sberna_abstract (TXT, 902 bytes)

Tuesday, 13.12.22, 15:00

Irchel Y36-K-08

Nicholas Chamberlain Stone

Racah Institute of Physics,

Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Tidal Disruption Events: from Astrophysical Transients to Fundamental Physics

Stone_Abstact (TXT, 1 KB)

Tuesday, 20.21.22, 15:00

Irchel Y11-F-42

Spring 2022:

Tassos Fragos

Observatoire Astronomique

de l'Université de Genève

Formation of coalescing stellar binary black holes: What have we learnt from gravitational-wave observations so far

Fragos Abstract (TXT, 1 KB)  

Tuesday, 15.03.2022, 14:00,
Irchel Y44-H-11

Chiara Mingarelli

University of Connecticut & 

Center for Computational Astrophysics, Flatiron


Pulsar Timing Arrays: The Next Window to Open on the Gravitational-Wave Universe

Mingarelli Abstract (TXT, 725 bytes)

Tuesday, 31.05.2022, 15:00,

Zoom (remote)

Streamed in Irchel Y11-F-42

Fall 2021: 

Stanislav Babak

Astroparticle and Cosmology Laboratory, 

University of Paris

Searching for low-frequency gravitational waves with Pulsar Timing Array (PTA)

Babak Abstract (TXT, 861 bytes)

Tuesday, 02.11.2021, 15:00,
Zoom (remote)

Nicholas Chamberlain Stone

Racah Institute of Physics,

Hebrew University of Jerusalem

The Chaotic Three-Body Problem: from Newton to LIGO/Virgo

Stone Abstract (TXT, 1 KB)

Tuesday, 14.12.2021, 15:00,

Zoom (remote)

Spring 2021: 

Pau Amaro Seoane

Universitat Politècnica de Valencia

A chartography of spacetime around supermassive black holes with extreme-mass ratio inspirals

Amaro Seoane Abstract (RTF, 43 KB)


Thursday, 25.02.2021, 16:00
Zoom (remote)

Manuela Campanelli

Rochester Institute of Technology

Supermassive Black Hole Binary Mergers: Accretion Dynamics, Light Signals and Jets

Campanelli Abstract (RTF, 1 MB)

Thursday, 25.03.2021, 16:00
Zoom (remote)

Deniz Soyuer

University of Zurich

Searching for gravitational waves via Doppler tracking by future missions to Uranus and Neptune

Soyuer Abstract (RTF, 71 KB)

Thursday, 20.05.2021, 16:00
Zoom (remote)

Vitor Cardoso

CENTRA, University of Lisboa

Black holes: the last frontier

Abstract_Cardoso (RTF, 42 KB)

Thursday, 10.06.2021, 16:00
Zoom (remote)