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Department of Astrophysics

PhD Programme in Theoretical Astrophysics and Cosmology

Graduate School for Theoretical Astrophysics and Cosmology

This program is available as a doctoral Program in Physics at the University of Zürich. For an admission to this PhD program you have to meet certain criteria concerning your education in Physics, Astronomy, or related fields (e.g., 4~5 years up to Master’s degree) but it is also essential that you inform yourself in advance about open PhD positions in one of our research groups. You should submit to the group leader of your interest a CV, a statement of research interests and previous research experience, course grade transcripts and letters of reference.

The doctoral program in astrophysics is focused on carrying out original research and is completed within three to four years (full-time). The salary will easily allow you to cover all local living expenses including all the necessary social and health insurances. Research topics range from the formation of planets, stars and galaxies, to understanding the large scale structure of the universe, dark matter and dark energy. The program includes a curricular part for which doctoral students must obtain at least 12 ECTS credits. These can be obtained in a variety of ways, such as by attending graduate schools, giving talks at conferences or by attending advanced lectures. Appropriate lecture courses will be chosen by the PhD advisor together with the doctoral student. Doctoral students attend weekly research seminars, the “astrophysics journal club” and “astrophysical thinking”.

Official PhD regulations for the Theoretical Astrophysics and Cosmology progeram: PDF EN / PDF DE

Link to the Regulations Governing PhD Studies at the MNF

Open PhD positions are advertised here.

Admissions to Promotion - Useful links and documents:

Admission to Doctoral Studies at the University of Zurich

Factsheet Admission to a PhD Program at the Department of Astrophysics (PDF, 621 KB)

Checklist for PhD students

"Confirmation of Supervision for Doctoral Students" (PDF, 242 KB)

"Acceptance Confirmation Structured Doctoral Program" (PDF, 225 KB)

Annual committee meeting minutes (PDF, 1 MB)

Confirmation Sheet - TA Hours (PDF, 224 KB)

Fact sheet PhD Defence (EN) / Merkblatt (DE)

The Fast Track

In some cases we allow talented students in a Master's course in Physics to directly enter the PhD program ("Fast Track"). This means that the student can use his or her research results for the Master's thesis as part of their PhD thesis, and any credit points obtained during the Master course in addition to the minimum of 90 can be transferred to the Doctoral Program program. See
Fast Track in MSc section


Program Director
Prof. Dr. Jaiyul Yoo